Pierre  Arcand  Coaching 


With their 40 respective years of experience in various management positions, Pierre Arcand and Leo Lalonde’s objective is to share, with their clients, their knowledge  in the areas of  ''How to '' (coaching)  and ''Being''  (mentoring) , using a methodology of listening,  observation and questioning, that delivers undeniable results.  

Recognized pedagogues, they assist clients in discovering their full potential by inviting them to imagine new ideas and enabling creativity.    These are the specific target points:  


               *  Service CenterManage effectively a technical service department. 

                   Improve the operation    and sales to make them profitable ,

               * Growth: Assist the manager to excel and achieve optimal growth through marketing

                   and sales,

               * Transfer of generations: Help businesses handle the management's transition

                  effectively  and with minimum risk.

The key to success is you!