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Leo Lalonde is a specialist in Human Resources. He holds a Bachelor degree in Administration from Concordia University (Sir George Williams) , he graduated in Counselling (Social Psycho.) at St-Paul University (Ottawa) and has also completed numerous trainings related to management .

He began his career in finance and has cumulated ten years experience in this field.

For 32 years he worked in the private sector and in various Federal Government Departments within the fields of management and personnel services. During his years with the Federal Government Health Canada (1992 to 2007) he both created and established a new employee assistance program and hired the professional staff to implement it in all departments, agencies and corporations of the Federal Government across Canada. 

The program was a great success and still is. Because of his experience , he has subsequently won many contracts as a consultant in Business Development and on many Boards of Direction.

He is very involved socially with the Junior Chamber of Commerce and at the sport level as a coach.Since 2010, he is the Chairman of the Board and Chief Mentor at the Réseaux emploi entrepreneurship, a group involved in the support of young entrepreneurs. 

He is an extremely skilled, dynamic, enthusiastic and dedicated man.