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After a successful start up and the establishment of a cruising speed, follows the step of growth.
To grow you must insure that your organization can deliver more than it currently is  and identify ways to implement and effeciently manage this growth in volume .
Do you believe that you provide your customers with  superior service by delivering on time as specified in the contract ? Unfortunately not ....
You know, from experience, that their expectations are high and their patience is limited.
Think about it ...  What motivates you to  stay with  your suppliers?
Satisfaction is not the only criteria ... Of course, this is important, but nowadays you need to surpass, surprise , impress!
This way, your customers perceive you as unconditional allies , vital and essential to the functioning of their department / company and they will refer you .
Two elements to consider, in order to achieve optimal growth  are:

    * Marketing,
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