In the next decade, hundreds of '' Baby Boomers '' will retire and therefore, transfer their
business to the next generation .

To achieve this transfer, you must:

      * Identify emerging replacement,
      * Resolve the tax and legal aspects,
      * Plan the transfer of knowledge,    
      * Preserve the culture of the company and inter -employee relationships that are often
         the  reasons for the company’s success.

While essential for an effective and smooth transition, the art of transmitting this wealth of knowledge and experience, is not always natural for entrepreneurs.  

Multinationals, by constrast , master and consistently apply these transfer methods .

Having acquired  this methodology from large corporations, our unique way of working , adapted and proven,  applies perfectly when transferring executives of SMEs.
                               A sobering assessment : The  entrepreneur spends about 80 000 hours  to

build his company and  about 8 hours to plan for retirement...  


Many businesses fail this critical stage of intergenerational transfer and close their doors within 6 to 9 months after the departure of the founders.
                               A handover is often filled with emotion and apprehensions from those

                               who leave and from those who take over.

It is essential to surround oneself with a multidisciplinary team to guide participants in this crucial phase of their lives, and the survival of the company.

To insure the sustainability of your business , a first positive step would be to surround yourself with a reliable team to educate,inform and guide your next management team.

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